Public Sex Tips in Prague, Czech Republic

You might have seen in movies or TV the classic Czech porno where men crowd into a crowded Gloryhole club to fuck the local whores. While it is possible to hook up with a girl in a public place, it’s not the best way to start your relationship.

Most Czech girls are not looking for a quick hookup, so be upfront about your intentions. Prague has a few unique quasi-mega-brothels called ShowParks where the girls set their own rates for oral and vaginal sex.

1. Go to Nightclubs and Bars

Prague is renowned for its bars and clubs where you can expect to find plenty of beautiful Czech women looking to let their hair down, get some drinks in and party hard. These girls are horny and want great sex so you will have a good chance of picking up a couple or more, especially as foreigners.

The city also has a number of swingers clubs where couples can meet up to boogie and even single men are welcome to join in on certain nights. It is important to remember that Prague girls are quite experienced in sex and are not shy about discussing their own sexual desires with you.

If you are feeling more daring, you can try hitting up the brothels where Prague whores offer a range of services for set prices. These ladies usually keep part of the money and a commission on drinks as a salary. Often, you will be able to negotiate the price with them before starting a session. However, be careful of cockblockers as it is not uncommon for these guys to hang around the same spots.

2. Go to the Beach

The sex culture in the Czech Republic is liberal, and there are no laws against public nudity. Moreover, the city of Prague has numerous “gentlemen’s clubs” that operate openly and without any restrictions. You can visit these places and hook up with girls there. However, be careful of cockblockers, and make sure to use discretion.

Czech girls are pretty, well-educated, and independent. They are also bold, loyal, and caring. They do not fall in love easily, and you have to work hard to earn their affections. They are not as horny as Latinas or American women, but they can still get it on in private.

If you want to have a serious relationship with a Czech girl, be direct and communicate your intentions. Most Czech women think that foreign men are only interested in hookups, and they will not take you seriously if you do not reveal your true intention early on. Moreover, when you toast with her, be sure to look her in the eyes as you clink your glasses. This will show that you are serious about her and will increase your chances of getting laid.

3. Go to the Parks

Prague’s red-light district is less specifically marked than in other cities, but it’s mainly located in the side streets around Wenceslas Square. There are plenty of strip bars and a number of streetwalkers. It’s a popular spot with bachelor party groups. If you want to go all out, Goldfingers is a big-name cabaret bar that features a slew of beautiful girls from across the globe.

In general, Czech women are very casual about sex and will happily engage in a one-night stand with a horny foreigner. That being said, it’s important to be respectful and to practice basic courtesy when approaching women in the city.

While public nudity is fairly common in the country, it’s still not recommended to have sex in public. Not only is it indecent, but it can also attract unwanted attention from cockblockers and potentially put you at risk for petty theft. You’re much safer hooking up behind a tree or in a hidden corner than in the open. In addition, beware of shifty taxi drivers who may overcharge you for rides.

4. Go to the Mountains

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country that offers a lot of opportunities for sex tourism. Its girls are friendly, horny, and open-minded with the idea of sex. But it is essential to wear protection when you go out with them to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Sex is very much discussed in the country, so it’s not difficult to find girls who are horny and ready for fun. However, you should be direct and clear about your intentions when talking to a girl so that she knows what you’re looking for. Moreover, you should always make eye contact when toasting to increase your chances of getting laid.

Public sex is also very common in the Czech Republic, so you can hook up with a horny girl in any corner of the street without being spotted. But remember that there are also cockblockers in the city, so it’s best to keep your physical intimacy private and stay safe. For this, you can also visit the hidden spots mentioned above. Besides, you can also try your luck at the local hotels and bars.

5. Go to the Cities

A lot of Czech girls can be found in the cities, especially in Prague. Nightclubs and bars are the best places to find them if you’re looking for sex, but cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, and universities will also work. Prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic, and girls often sell themselves to men for around $1,000 per hour. Street hookers are also common, and they can be found near the UNESCO World Heritage city’s many tourist attractions.

In order to increase your chances of getting laid, you should be assertive and honest about your intentions. Most Czech girls would not want to date men who are just looking for a one-night stand, so it’s important to communicate your goals clearly. It is a good idea to visit sex bars and clubs, but remember that they’re usually filled with horny girls who are looking for action, so it’s best to bring some protection. It’s also a good idea to wear long pants and use a condom when visiting a sex bar in the Czech Republic.